What to Consider Before Adopting

 This goes for any dog with any rescue organization:

Please keep in mind that you are not buying a dog from a breeder. Your dog

will most likely not come to you looking perfect and Lucious. They’re sometimes underweight, their hair may be coarse (from not receiving the proper nutrients), or their skin flaky (from a bad diet), etc. Environment changes, along with transport, is very stressful for these dogs. Even the most outgoing ones may come off shy in the very beginning. They may hide when they get home. PLEASE be patient. Most of the time, they are so happy to be off transport and go home with you and you will fall in love right away. But it’s always possible that your dog needs extra time to decompress and you need to give them just that. Please do not email us the day your dog gets home and complain that they seem nervous. This does not just go for dogs with my

rescue, this goes for any rescue dog you will ever consider adopting.

Environment changes are hard! They have gone from the streets or the shelter, or a home with a family, to a foster home with complete strangers, and once they’ve gotten attached to those strangers, they’re then put in a crate in a moving vehicle for 1-3 days and they’re surrounded by barking or crying dogs. Once they’re off, they get in another car where they end up in a different house with completely new strangers. Just please remember this and be as patient as you possibly can. You WILL see your dog absolutely flourish and become smitten by you. Some dogs are totally fine and excited the first day— others may need a few days to adjust and some may need weeks (usually the nervous ones). These trips that the transporters take have them on the road for days

(between 1-3) and they have to make several stops in different states. So

please keep in mind that it is possible for arrival times to change. We have

absolutely no control over this and neither do they. With that said, they are

very impressive in that they’re almost always exactly on time. If your dog is sleeping a lot when you get them, it’s normal! It’s possible that they barely sleep while on transport. Between the stress and lack of sleep, they need to catch up on their z’s! If your dog seems nervous, please don’t force them to socialize if they are not up to it. The best thing is to just ignore them and let them come out and socialize when they’re ready. Whether your dog shows up skinny or chunky, shy or outgoing, tired or playful, nervous or excited, please remember that the descriptions we provide are always as transparent as possible and if you feel surprised by

what you see, just remember to give them time! Each day they will come

more and more out of their shells until they are your absolute best friend :) To see past adoptions and happy tales, please visit the instragram page ‘emmasdogrescue’ and look for the update posts or view the highlights on themain page!